Thursday, October 02, 2008

District may have broke law, wasted money

Shocking, I know, but it appears that DCPS wasted over $2 million and may have broken the law by contracting the Teachers Institute to provide reading instruction that looks to have been mostly ineffective.
District Inspector General Charles J. Willoughby investigated the operation for a year, uncovering what his report described as overpayments, conflicts of interest and a "serious breakdown of internal controls" in the school system. The audit questioned the effectiveness of the program and suggested the school system might have to repay as much as $2.9 million in federal funding because of contracting irregularities.

Teachers Institute officials improperly solicited funding from D.C. schools while they were still on the school system payroll, the audit found, and school officials paid millions without seeking competition or negotiating a contract. A year later, school officials improperly bypassed the mayor and D.C. Council when approving an additional $1.4 million for the institute, the report said.
Apparently I'm a fool for busting my hump trying to earn a living. I should just start an education foundation, kiss some DCPS central office butt, and land a fat contract or two with the District government and do sod-all.

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