Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Firing teachers expected to be drawn out process

Chancellor Rhee's "Plan B" to remove ineffective teachers is going to be fought by the WTU with the aid of the American Federation of Teachers, its parent organization. As you can imagine, this will not be resolved quickly.
The teachers union is gearing up to respond. In a letter to members earlier this month, WTU President George Parker said the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will join the Washington local to "provide support and strategies" to instructors designated for the 90-day plan. Parker said this will probably come in the form of help from AFT and local union staff members who will work with targeted teachers to avoid dismissal.

"Our role for any teacher in the 90-day plan is to make sure they get the necessary support," Parker said.

School officials have declined to say how many of the city's 4,000 teachers they would like to replace. The 90-day provision has been on the books for years but has been difficult for school principals to administer. Paperwork, numerous binding deadlines for conferences with teachers and a series of required classroom observations are a major commitment of time. The helping teachers have also been a part of the evaluation system but are nearly always in short supply.
GothemSchools notes the about face made by ATF prez Randi Weingarten on their involvement in the DCPS/WTU contract negotiations.

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