Friday, October 24, 2008

Seven DC Public Schools Earn Over $1 Million in Performance Bonuses

New at the DCPS home page: Seven DC Public Schools Earn Over $1 Million in Performance Bonuses
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the faculty and staff at seven District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) received over $1 million in performance bonuses for posting dramatic gains in student achievement.

Newly created by the Fenty Administration in 2007, the Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) award is an initiative designed to honor schools that raise student scores on district assessments by at least 20 percent in both reading and math or schools that reach 100 percent student proficiency in both subjects.

"The TEAM award not only celebrates quality hard-working educators, but it also highlights the spirit of cooperation and collaboration in education," said DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee. ‘’Nothing less than all hands on deck is going take DCPS to the next level, and we’re delighted to recognize these seven schools for their exemplary performance."

The TEAM award program is administered by DCPS in collaboration with the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) and in partnership with the non-profit organization New Leaders for New Schools (NLNS); funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

TEAM Award Winners

The following schools met the TEAM award criteria for the 2007/2008 school year: Aiton Elementary, Mammie D. Lee School, Raymond Elementary, Sharpe Health, Winston Education Center, and Thomas Elementary.

SCHOOLReading Proficiency Gain (in percentage points)Math Proficiency Gain (in percentage points)
Aiton Elementary School28.9%61.0%
Hearst Elementary School26.7%26.7%
Mamie D. Lee School47.6%49.8%
Raymond Elementary School26.1%33.3%
Sharpe Health School47.9%57.1%
Thomas Elementary School20.5%24.4%
Winston Education Center29.7%31.8%

Each of the seven winning schools enacted their own customized preparation plans incorporating everything from tutoring to extensive evaluation tools. Hearst Elementary a K-3 school, created an afterschool academy held for 10 weeks and gave motivation bracelets to their students during testing days.

Raymond Elementary in Ward 4 a school with more than a 20 percent homelessness rate, partnered with the Georgetown Day School and the Retired Teacher Association to offer tutoring for students and their teachers collaborated weekly to perform analysis of student work, prioritize standards, and cycle assessments.

Regardless of each school’s individual plan, a common thread among all of the TEAM award winners was a sense of urgency.

Teachers who work at these schools received TEAM awards of $8,000, with assistant principals receiving $9,000 awards and principals receiving $10,000 awards. All other instructional support personnel, including librarians, counselors and social service workers received awards of $4,000 each. Paraprofessionals, support staff and custodians each received $2,000 awards.
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