Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DC Teacher Chic update

In their weekly School Roundup feature DCist weighs in on The DC Teacher Chic's recent employment change. DCist looks at some of the positive and negative comments left at both the Chic's website and this one and says the following:
Reading these reactions made us start to question why teachers, particularly teachers in the most challenging schools, are held to such different standards than other professionals. Many of the city’s teachers (yes, even the ineffective ones) work for years under conditions that would be considered physically or psychologically intolerable by their peers in other fields, yet when they leave, are often accused of just not caring enough about the kids or being bad at their job. And often, these accusations are made by other teachers.

While some teachers may thrive in certain settings, others, even excellent teachers, may not, and all have personal reasons for staying or leaving. I had a relatively positive experience at the D.C. public school where I taught, but one of my colleagues experienced sexual and verbal harassment, the brunt of administrative politics, and had her courses and class lists changed multiple times without notice.
I pretty much agree with that sentiment. A couple of commenters took issue with my description of the Chic as "passionate" at her job; giving up being a quality that passionate people don't have. I respectfully disagree. There's a difference between being passionate and being a masochist. Saying in an environment that, as DCist states, is "physically or psychologically intolerable" is not a sign of passion.

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