Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama kids postscript

Now that the president elect has chosen a school for his two daughters the press & pundit coverage over the whole ordeal is winding down. My two cents:

The coverage (much like everything Obama related these days) was overblown, and the political posturing and opportunism a bit unseemly. The Obama's kids are not tools of policy, or things to "make statements" with. They are their kids, and as parents their job is to look out for their kids best interest. If those interests are best served by a private school, so be it. If by a charter or public school, likewise.

Now, if you find that in his administration Obama's education policies are somehow in conflict with the choices he and his wife made for their children, then feel free to point out the hypocrisy. That's politics; that's fair territory. You don't like where he sent his kids. Tough noogies.

Anyway... here's a roundup of other coverage

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