Saturday, November 01, 2008

UDC tires of being overshadowed by DCPS, doubles down on "lack of institutional control"

We don't cover UDC as much as DCPS, mostly because UDC's issues don't garner as much press. However, the NCAA just let the world know that when it comes to falling down on the job, UDC can run with big boys.
Citing what it called "the most egregious lack of institutional control ever seen" by its Division II investigative committee, the NCAA on Wednesday levied numerous sanctions on the University of the District of Columbia.

The penalties include five years of probation, a cancellation of seasons for certain sports, a one-year postseason ban in all sports, forfeiture of wins in select sports, a reduction of scholarships and a reduction in recruiting activities.


The NCAA Division II Committee on Infractions found that the university allowed 248 athletes and two prospective athletes to practice or compete while ineligible from the 2000-01 through the 2003-04 academic years. The committee said the university acknowledged it did not have policies in place to properly monitor its student-athletes and failed to accurately report information relating to violations.
On the positive side at least UDC took the initiative and started rectifying the problems before the NCAA dropped the hammer.

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