Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yu Ying profiled in CBN News broadcast

[still dealing with sickies, so posting will remain on the light side]

The Christian Broadcasting Network's news division has an article/video up about the ascendance of Mandarin Chinese as a global language. As part of the piece DC's Yu Ying charter school is profiled. (With a couple of fleeting shots of one of my chicklets... woo hoo!)

[thanks to Conan the Grammarian for catching the (egregious) spelling error]

UPDATE: Some folks are having issues watching the video from this page (I know I've had trouble with a Firefox/Linux combo). If you can't see the video try clicking on the link and viewing it from the CBN page.


Don said...

video does not work for me

Brian Barker said...

There is an alternative to either English or Mandarin Chinese as the dominant World Language, and its name is Esperanto.

Esperanto is now within the top 100 languages, out of 6,000 worldwide, according to the CIA factbook. It is the 17th most used language in Wikipedia, and in use by Skype, Firefox and Facebook.

Native Esperanto speakers, including George Soros, Nobel Laureate Daniel Bovet, and World Champion Chess Player, Susan Polger.

The World Esperanto Association enjoys consultative relations with both the United Nations and UNESCO.

Evidence can be seen at

An interesting video can be seen at

ms.angala said...

I noticed that the interviews were done in Manila, Philippines...this makes me smile!

I am still contemplating on learning either Chinese (a second language in my homeland- the Philippines)or Spanish (another major language back home)...both now in demand globally.

I need another language to learn; English and Tagalog is not enough in this 21st Century Global Competition. Any advise?...