Monday, December 08, 2008

Rhee expects DCPS to be among the elite in 5 years

DCPS may not be among the creme de la creme of the country's public schools (see previous story) but Chancellor Rhee predicts that within 5 years they will be.
Rhee tells WTOP she's been working on the type of changes needed to turn around the beleaguered school district. The schools chancellor has been making national headlines in her recent efforts to make D.C. schools the "best of the best."

Rhee says D.C. must continue to help teachers develop professionally and make sure learning environments are safe for students.

"I think that over the next five years I expect to see our achievement levels improve significantly and that you'll see us on those lists."

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Chris said...

Even if Rhee was moving the schools in the right direction, five years is absurdly optimistic. Problems as complicated as DC faces (problems that don't just involve the schools themselves, but a whole confluence of social and economic factors) don't just get erased in a blink like that. I think it's indicative of how superficial Rhee's supposed solutions are that she thinks that five years will be enough.