Monday, December 08, 2008

Rhee moonlighting in Sacramento?

According to the Sacramento Bee DC Chancellor Rhee has been spending a lot of time in Sacramento, California helping ex NBA player, HOPE school founder, old friend and new Mayor Kevin Johnson.
Rhee has vowed to transform a school system whose test scores are among the nation's worst. The city has burned though six chancellors in the past 10 years.

Even so, Rhee has found time to help out Johnson in Sacramento.

Johnson declined to discuss his relationship with Rhee, or her influence in his new administration.

Rhee did not return phone calls from The Bee. "She takes the red-eye, is all I know," said Johnson spokesman Steve Maviglio.

In the past two months, Rhee has visited regularly. In addition, Johnson and Rhee appeared together Oct. 14 on a panel on public education at the Harvard Business School Global Summit in Boston. Four days later, Rhee accompanied Johnson to a mayoral debate in Sacramento. She was back Nov. 4 for Johnson's election night party. Less than a week later, she appeared at a press conference announcing members of Johnson's transition team. She was back at Thanksgiving.

At the Nov. 10 press conference, Maviglio told The Bee that Rhee had taken a vacation from her job to help choose applicants for Johnson's chief of staff.

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