Sunday, January 25, 2009

Suspensions as discipline losing their effectiveness? Rhee's looking to rework discipline code

Noting that in some schools suspension of students for major disciplinary issues is ineffective as a punishment the Washington Post looks at potential changes Chancellor Rhee may make in revamping DCPS's code of discipline.
Rhee says that out-of-school suspensions in the District occur "far too frequently," putting students behind in their work and increasing the likelihood that they will become truant or drop out.

The revisions, which must be approved by the D.C. Council, come against a backdrop of increased concern about violence and mayhem in schools. Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker told a recent council hearing that he has been inundated with complaints from instructors about the deteriorating environment in some schools, which he attributes in part to a new group of relatively inexperienced principals and teachers hired in recent years.

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