Saturday, February 28, 2009

Board begins process to revoke MEI Futures Academy's charter

Mark Lerner over at the Examiner has all the details.
MEI Futures Academy opened in fall 2007 as a residential charter school serving teenage mothers and their young children. A recent PCSB review resulted in a list of deficiencies including failure to operate in accordance with the school’s mission statement, failure to deliver the academic program described in the charter application, failure to comply with federal special education requirements, and a lack of sufficient books and supplies, among other issues. Before the vote, board member Will Marshall told the school’s leaders, “I voted for your application because I believed in your mission and your ability to carry it out. It’s painful to be in this place where we no longer believe you can do it.” MEI’s school leaders suggested that many of the concerns could be addressed with more time. Josephine Baker, the PCSB’s executive director and board secretary responded, “None of this is new. We raised these same concerns last year, and there has been no real resolution.” PCSB members voted unanimously to begin the revocation process, and informed MEI’s leadership of their option of a public hearing before a final vote by the board members.

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