Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama visits Capital City charter, praises system

Last week President Obama and his wife visited the Capital City Public Charter School and heaped praise on the school, promoting it as a model for successful schools nationwide.
President Obama called Capital City "innovative" and spoke of "rewarding innovation" as a means to improve the performance of schools nationwide. Head of School Karen Dresden has embraced innovation from day one. "We definitely use innovative structures and teaching practices to ensure that all students are learning and making progress and that our school is a strong and supportive community," she said. "Our Expeditionary Learning model engages students in rigorous learning and provides opportunities to apply knowledge to real-world situations."
The visit came during a rough period of his nascent administration involving withdrawn confirmations.
 NYT columnist columnist Maureen Dowd likened the visit among the turmoil to Bush's "My Pet Goat" moment.

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