Thursday, February 19, 2009

Residency checks to start earlier

In order to combat fraud DCPS officials will begin the verification of DC residency for DCPS students earlier than normal. Schools normally begin the process in May; this year State Superintendent Gist wants schools to start a month early.
“Moving up the date would give the schools more time between when they start collecting documentation for their students and when the annual enrollment audit is conducted in the fall,” wrote Gist’s spokeswoman, Nicole Shaffer, in an e-mail to The Examiner. “This would provide the schools more time to collect the necessary documentation of student residency from parents, more time to audit their own files and more time to project how many students they will have for the coming school year.”

The District has struggled for years with out-of-town students illegally attending the city’s public and charter schools, which are already home to more than 70,000 students.
Its hard to believe, but apparently people are lying to try to get *into* DC's public schools.

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