Monday, February 16, 2009

Union's take on WTU/DCPS negotiations

Alexander Russo at Scholastic's This Week in Education blog took notes at a talk given by Rob Weil, the ATF's Deputy Director of Education Issues, at last week's Yale School of Management education conference. Part of Weil's talk touched on the ongoing WTU/DCPS contract negotiations.
About the Washington DC negotiations, Weil said: Only in a few places, like DC, can tenure be part of the discussion since tenure is usually defined at the state level. What makes the Rhee proposal unusual is that it divides teachers with the same status into two different groups in terms of pay and tenure. Randi Weingarten's "everything on the table" speech at the National Press Club opened up the discussion of tenure, but didn't concede it. Chancellor Rhee has not responded to the counter-proposal put forth by the DCTU, which Weil describes as "extremely progressive" in addressing many of the issues raised by Rhee in a recent Washington Post story. The full text of the Rhee proposal and the DCTU proposal are not publicly available. It is standard procedure not to bring a contract proposal up for a vote until the negotiators have reached a tentative agreement.

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