Saturday, February 28, 2009

Violence down at DCPS schools

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According to Chancellor Rhee serious violence at DCPS schools has decreased 10% from last year.
Rhee says, when school began in September, there was an uptick in incidents, but she says because of consistently enforced consequences, within three months those had leveled off and decreased. The latest data from D.C.P.S. compares August 2007 through January 2008 and the same months the following year. There have been 82 fewer serious incidents, which translates into a decrease of 10 percent. Serious incidents include assaults, drugs, fires and fights.
WAMU audio of this report here.


Teach said...

the common sense behind the idea is that school uniforms help to stifle violence related to material possessions and reduce the proliferation of gang colors and clothing. Whether that's a legitimate empirical conclusion is far from clear. The District saw a similar push for a universal dress code helmed by then-Mayor Marion Barry in the 1980s.

Teach said...

Twenty years ago, DCPS faced the same violence when students were attacked and robbed in schools over their attire. Back in the day, when Triple Fat Goose and Eddie Bauer coats were the North Face coats of today, and Nike Air Pumps were the Ato Matsumoto sneakers of today, many students were robbed, assaulted, and even killed over such material possessions.

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