Sunday, February 08, 2009

WTU submits contract counter proposal to DCPS

The Washington Teachers Union, the 4,000+ DCPS teachers' collective bargaining representation, has submitted to DCPS a counter proposal to Rhee's "Plan A". Here's the letter sent by WTU president George Parker to his members announcing the proposal and listing its highlights.
  • The current teacher contract proposal presented by the Washington Teachers' Union (WTU) is designed to support the overarching goals of the DCPS five year education plan.
    • The proposal draws successful, collaborative contracts from across the region and nation.
  • The WTU's proposal takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the serious issues facing the students in DC's Public Schools, drawing from successful education strategies used in cities like New York, Miami and Chicago.
  • Key provisions of the WTU proposal include:
    • Providing teachers with the support and training they need to do their best work, such as high quality job-embedded professional development and induction programs for new teachers;
    • Ensuring DC's students are taught by the most effective teachers by providing WTU/DCPS Teacher Centers and strengthening teacher evaluations, accountability and support;
    • Recruiting and retaining great teachers for DC's schools by increasing base salaries, creating school-wide financial incentives and career latter programs;
    • Improving school conditions, by ensuring optimum resources in every classroom; supporting the District's efforts to overhaul special education; and research-based practices and services aimed at boosting student achievement in the lowest-performing schools; and
    • Implementing a strong discipline and safety program that includes consistent monitoring, enforcement and proactive intervention.
  • The provisions in the WTU's proposal stress the importance of accountability, collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders, essential characteristics of any successful school district.
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Anonymous said...

Reading this reminds me of when I go to visit my cousins in the country. There's nothing concrete in sight. If you love rhetoric, this may be the plan for you.