Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anacostia HS to be restructured by Friendship Charter Schools

While it will remain a traditional public school Friendship Charter School will help DCPS in the restructuring of Anacostia High School.
Anacostia is among 27 schools that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee said last year would undergo restructuring because they failed to meet federal guidelines. The No Child Left Behind Act mandates that such schools be restructured if they do not meet specified goals for five consecutive years.

The law gives school authorities five options: reopen the restructured school as a charter school, reconstitute the school by replacing all or most of its staff, collaborate with an external partner, undergo a state takeover, or develop another major restructuring effort.

Mrs. Rhee proposed five schools - Anacostia, Ballou, Coolidge and Dunbar High School, and Hart Middle School - be restructured under the third option.

The chancellor's restructuring plan, which she initially outlined last year, calls for selecting an organization that has "expertise and experience in turning around low-performing schools in order to meet performance standards as effectively and as quickly as possible."

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