Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bad weather, or, a first person account of Education Hearing at HD Woodson/Fletcher Johnson

An anonymous reader sent the following photos and blurb about attending the Mayor's Education hearing at HD Woodson/Fletcher Johnson:
I attended the Mayor's Education hearing today March 3rd at HD Woodson/Fletcher Johnson, which Mayor Fenty did attend. I was shocked by the ice and snow that had not been removed from the school's grounds and stairs, nor had any salt been put down. To prevent myself from falling, I actually grabbed onto students who were also sliding around on the ice on the main staircase that students' use to enter the building. I have attached photos of ice and snow that has not been removed from the school grounds and on the public sidewalk surrounding the school.

I too am shocked that Fenty/Rhee did not cancel school when DPW and DDOT have still not removed ice from neighborhood streets and DCPS facilities certainly has not done their job! I'm pretty sure HD Woodson/Fletcher Johnson is not the only school with this problem!
[hat tip to the anonymous reader]

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