Sunday, March 01, 2009

Free citywide conference to address bullying

From the Student Support Center:
Washington, D.C. - The Student Support Center (Center) will be hosting a free, citywide charter school conference entitled, Bullying 101: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You. The conference will address the bullying problem faced by students across the District and provide the strategies and resources needed to effectively address bullying.

Studies tell us:
  • Bullying increases the risk of more serious types of violence, interferes with learning, and threatens the long-term well-being of bullies, bystanders and victims.
  • Roughly 1 in 6 students consider themselves traumatized by bullying.
  • To be effective, a bullying program must pay attention to the family backgrounds of both bullies and victims.
  • Schools must set rules and enforce them school-wide if they are to reduce bullying.
National and local experts will discuss proven systems needed to address bullying. Participants will also hear from DC charter schools who have successfully implemented methods to prevent bullying. At the end of the conference, participants will know how to use mental health supports, parent involvement, school-wide discipline, safety planning and Second Step implementation as bully prevention.

The conference will get started with a special presentation by City at Peace, a nonprofit organization using the performing arts to help students address conflict. City at Peace will give conference attendees a glimpse of the troubling effects of bullying on a student. After the performance, students from charter schools across the District will share their personal stories and the affliction they witness on a daily basis.

This conference is influenced by elements of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant initiative. Through the initiative, the Center has worked with 18 DC charter schools to implement evidence- based programs and supports to reduce alcohol and drug use, disruptive behaviors, and increase parent involvement, social and emotional support and school safety interventions.

Directly following the conference, there will be a cocktail reception celebrating the ten years of service provided through the Center and honoring founder and former executive director, Eve Brooks.

As a children’s advocate, Brooks has worked intensely to ensure DC charter schools have access to school nurses, school-based mental health supports, school resource officers, and other vital resources needed to support a safe and healthy school.

The conference will be held at Gallaudet University’s Kellogg Conference Center located at 800 Florida Ave. NE, from 11:30AM-4:30PM. A plated lunch will be served.

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