Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rhee and Johnson officially an item?

Okay, we're getting all Page 6 here, but it appears that Chancellor Rhee and Sacramento Mayor (and ex NBAer) Kevin Johnson are out of the closet, romance wise. From Gilbert Lee's blog:
The Cal Basketball season finale versus UCLA was bound to have a huge crowd because of ESPN's national coverage and the assignment of the College Gameday show at Haas Pavilion. Among the folks that we saw...


Kevin Johnson - the Mayor of Sacramento was courtside in a smart brown blazer. He was definitely into his date, Washington D.C. school superintendent Michelle Rhee. They exchanged a couple of (edited) of kisses and he was definitely sharing his basketball insights with her during the game. I'm glad that he's "dating" someone his own age.

[Via the City Paper's Loose Lips column]


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