Sunday, February 14, 2010

Many DCPS teachers a no-show on Friday?

That's what the anecdotal evidence was saying to Leah Fabel at the Examiner.
While students and school staff all over the D.C. region stayed home Friday, D.C. teachers returned to work for the training that have become a keystone of the reforms pushed by schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

They've also been a source of contention with union leadership, who stress the need for more training focused on discipline, and who voice dissatisfaction with Rhee's new "DCPS Teaching and Learning Framework" around which professional development is based.

Miner's gym teacher Duriel Cobb trucked to school in a 4x4, slightly miffed by the end to his nearly weeklong vacation, but on board with the work ahead.

"The climate of the school has changed with the new professional development," he said, explaining that he's benefited most from learning new strategies for tapping into students' ability to learn.
But at Northwest's Seaton Elementary, a teacher who requested not to be named said that turnout was less than 50 percent, training sessions were canceled, and "the building was freezing."

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