Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On travel...

... posting will be light for the next couple of days.


Sehiya said...

Post to your group or blog and tune in tonight to NBC Washington's News4 at 5 and 6pm or News4 Today tomorrow morning and hear about these stories.

A Montgomery County teacher had school security escort a 13-year old boy from the classroom for refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The mother of the middle school student says her son is too traumatized to return to school, and all kinds of people are weighing in on this one. More on News4 at 5.

Villanova Senior and Herndon native Scottie Reynolds has become one of the best college basketball players in the nation. Reynolds grew up in a loving home where he developed a passion for building relationships. But the one relationship he still longs for is with his biological mother. Reynolds was adopted at birth and has been dreaming about what he would say to her for years. Hakem Dermish sits down with the hoops star tonight on News4 at 5.

jamesd said...

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