Tuesday, March 09, 2010

More on abusive teachers

According to MPD Chief Cathy Lanier warrants have been issued for four DC teachers over accusations of abuse.
"There were four cases in the 69 incidents where there were arrests made," Lanier says.

Lanier later clarified that warrants were issued for four teachers, but only one teacher has been arrested so far.

Lanier says police referred another 12 or 13 cases to the U.S. Attorney's Office, but prosecutors declined to pursue charges.

"A lot of times in cases like this, it's one person's word against the other. We do the best we can to investigate or sustain one side or the other. But the attorneys have to make the decision whether they can prosecute that case. Just because a warrant was submitted and declined, it doesn't give you any real conclusions."

Lanier says the rest of the cases were non-criminal.
You can listen to the "Ask the Chief" program in question here.

UPDATE: The Examiner has more.

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