Monday, November 26, 2012

Girding for fight regarding DCPS attendance zones

It looks like there is going to be a new fight brewing stemming from DCPS's planned school consolidation. Along with the 20 schools that Chancellor Henderson's administration plans to close there is a fear that the boundaries and feeder patterns to the remaining middle and high schools will also be altered.

Parents worry that Henderson will shrink the boundaries around popular Northwest schools. Such a decision could shut out poor and minority students from other parts of the city, and it could cause a firestorm among residents who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on homes with access to specific neighborhood schools.
The fiercest battle will almost certainly be over who has the right to attend Deal Middle and Wilson High, two of the city’s highest-performing and most diverse neighborhood secondary schools.

Deal’s enrollment has more than doubled since 2008 — to 1,165 this year — nearly 200 more than the school was designed to hold. Wilson has grown nearly 20 percent since 2008, and it, too, is over capacity. The city has spent about $200 million renovating both schools in recent years.

The intense demand for Deal and Wilson highlights a striking difference from the rest of the city, where charter schools are growing quickly and DCPS is proposing to close schools because of under-enrollment.

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